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Elevated Nutrition. VIP Savings.

Quality Ingredients

You can enjoy high-quality food curated for you and your family.


Take back your evenings with fewer trips to the store, pre-planned meals, and little cleanup.


Save money on nutritious meals without compromising taste or food grade.


Picky appetites welcome! We have meals for the whole family, and meals for just the kids.

Our Subscriptions

Subscription Plan
Power Subscription Plan

Prepping With Peppers Subscription Plan (VIP)

From $80 every Friday

Create and customize your perfect week of meals

  • 15% off your first week!
  • Fresh (never frozen!), balanced meals
  • A new exciting menu every week
  • Free meals!
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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Prepping With Peppers Power Subscription Plan (VIP)

From $104 every Friday!

Create your perfect week of power meals!

  • 15% off your first week!
  • Twice the protein 💪
  • Fresh (never frozen), balanced meals
  • A new and exciting menu every week
  • Free meals!
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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"To me this is about family. This is about providing a quality product for my friends and their kids. This is here so you can eat a healthy meal...that didn’t come from a fast food chain. A meal that is REAL, GOOD food."

Amber Peppers

Founder / Owner / Mom

How to use your Pepper Subscription!


Become a VIP! Prepping with Peppers subscription members receive free meals weekly! Every week you'll receive points to use towards your meals. You can customize your week however you choose! Points never expire and roll over if you skip a week!
Absolutely! Leave a note on the checkout page under Notes and we will accommodate your dietary request. If for any reason we cannot accommodate your request, we will give you a phone call.

Common requests:
Dairy free
Gluten free
Low sodium - we do add salt to many things but if we do, we use pink Himilayan salt only.
Absolutely! Points never expire and will roll over to the following week if you choose to skip a week. This ensures that you have the flexibility to adapt your meal plan to your schedule without losing any of your accumulated points. You can also skip a weekly payment if needed by visiting your account page and clicking on Subscriptions.
Yes, you will still be charged if you don't place an order for the week. But have no fear! Your points will roll over to the next week! You will never lose points.
A regular meal has 3 oz carbs and 4oz of protein. A power meal has double the protein so 8oz of protein per meal! The power subscription allows enough points to order all power meals while the regular subscription allows you enough points to order regular meals.
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