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A fateful visit to a grocery store with a toddler meltdown over bananas lead to thriving meal-prepping business.

Amber Marie Peppers, better known as Prepping with Peppers, is a meal prep chef based in Louisville, Ky. She knows one thing for certain: Where she is now is a God-sized miracle. She was constantly being tested and finally gave in to his will for her life. Amber never wanted to own a food business. To be honest, she never even wanted to cook. However, her destiny had other ideas.

As a kid, she frequently took it upon herself to cook for her sisters. Somehow, this became a regular occurrence and as a result, she fell in love with cooking. Amber then went from cooking for her sisters, to cooking for her two children. As any mom can attest, hungry mouths have to be fed. Her children, again brought her excellent culinary skills to be employed on a regular basis.
With the recession, Amber found herself having to do whatever it took to survive like so many other families. That being said, she found solace in cooking. She could always make sure there was a delicious hot meal for her family. With her being an active cross fit athlete, she found out how much easier it made life to meal prep. Her meals being so delicious, many of her friends started requesting her services to help their training efforts.

And with that, Prepping with Peppers was born. Now Amber has a growing business where she meal preps for droves of clients. As her expertise and business expand at a rapid rate, it is no doubt that Amber is prepared for more than just the weekly lunch and dinner courses. She has prepared herself for life. If you need nourishing meals that taste great, and help you get the most out of your body, then it’s time you ‘Prepped with Peppers’.
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